36 Days of Type '18

This is my second year participating. I learnt quite a lot from the last time. And this year I wanted to challenge myself.

I came up with a theme that I thought could be used to create all sorts of shapes that would resemble the roman alphabet. 

The theme was ‘Robots playing with balls’ (there’s probably a better way to phrase that.)I constructed the main arm of the robot using some basic hard surface modelling and the cloner object (Cinema 4D was used for the entirety of the project).

I build a rig that would allow for the robot claw and arm section to follow a spline using the Spline Wrap deformer, but without actually deforming the geometry of the claw, as some skewing can occur when the object is at the edge or a corner of the spline. 

The rest of it was just deciding on the shapes of the letters and the colour pallet used, although I had some help with that from my girlfriend and Adobe Colour. 

Hope you like it. Leave your feedback in the comments, I would greatly appreciate it.